The Company Maria Poulsen pf

Maria Poulsen pf was founded in 1848 and is one of the oldest companies and wholesalers in the Faroe Islands and contains three departments. We are specialized in selling varieties of heating systems, sanitary wares, ventilation equipment and materials. We are also one of the largest Faroese plumbing companies with a large metal workshop.


Maria Poulsen Baðirúm is the only bathroom special shop in the Faroe Islands. We have a huge bathroom showroom with all accessories such as: bathroom, shower walls, tap, showers, toilets, mirrors, towels ect.


Maria Poulsen Búnýti, is a gift store, located in the centre of town has a collection of cutlery, tableware and other household accessories. We do also have a variety of bags and suitcases.


Mr. Kristian á Dul is the managing director and along with his brother Mr. Jógvan á Dul, co-owner.

For more details please contact us at

Maria Poulsen pf

Smyrilsvegur 8 – Box 182

FO-110 Tórshavn

Faroe Islands

Telephone +298 31 20 00 – Telefax +298 31 59 70



Head of purchase for Maria Poulsen pf is:

Andras Godtfred ag[@]


Maria Poulsen HVS
+298 31 20 00

+ 298 71 20 60 
Maria Poulsen Búnýti
+298 31 20 01

Maria Poulsen Baðirúm
+298 71 20 80

Box 182 | Fo-110 Tórshavn |
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